A dark puzzle platformer about Cloud and Gnome's dramatic relationship. An ever moving adventure in a gorgeous digital painted world.

When we think of a fairy-tale forest, a warm and friendly feeling arises. It certainly smells like flowers in bloom and rainbows give color to every morning. Well that's not the case in the Peaceful forest of the Deep Blue Sky. Something has brought trouble to the ever happy neighborhood. Something is terribly wrong with one of his inhabitants.

Gnome, one of the merry and lucky inhabitants of the forest, lost his lucky hat. This unfortunate event turns out to be a little bit more important than it may seem at plain sight. Gnome's hat was the source of his luckiness and with it gone an unpredictable thing happened. The stormy Cloud formed on top of Gnome taking the place of his hat. This was no game. Cloud seemed to enjoy throwing lightnings to every single thing that was below her. An Gnome was no exception.

Gnome wanted his luck back. And so, a shakespearean drama began…

There is an old version of Nubarron that was made in pixel-art. We took that path mostly because the whole idea was to make a homage to the 8-bit era.

In this new instance we completely changed the aesthetics for a digital-painting art style, but following more traditional techniques from the romantic period, like Caspar David Friedrich, making emphasis on the idea that our little adventurer is traversing imposing natural environments, surrounded with life and mistery.

Besides this we've been influenced by some of the greatest indie games. Limbo provided us a reference on playing with silhouettes and oppressive ambiance. Journey was awesome at creating visual emotion moments.

Each environment is unique and every detail is going to be present only once if you happen to see it.

Cloud is Gnome's dangerous companion in this long journey across the Deep Blue Forest. She has several skills, among those known by mortals one can find:

The Deep Blue Forest is an amazing fantasy world full of creatures, stories and gorgeous landscapes.

Below are some of the early concepts that Juan created to start giving shape to this magic world.

We're all big fans of these games. We think that all of them have reached a great balance between quality, innovation and artistic expression. Those three features are the pivot points of how we see game development should be done.

LIMBO's ambience, lights and layered design were a major influence.

Journey's concept, mood and deepness got us thinking about how to make our game more meaningful both to us and the players

Cloud's mechanics and the way they combine wouldn't exist without Braid's clever design inspiration.

We like to think of Nubarron as the combination of what we found interesting of these three games with a new setting and our own look at what videogames should be.

We're a young full stack independent game development team from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our most profound wish is to create deep experiences that not only connect with players through gameplay but also in an emotional and more artistic way.

All of us has been working individually in several games projects in the past, but we consolidated as a team about a year ago.